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How to actually take care of your teeth

How to actually take care of your teeth

Building good dental hygiene habits will give you fresh and healthy teeth. If you want to avoid cavities and gum infections, there are certain things you need to do and think of daily. 


We all know that we should brush our teeth daily and floss. Therefore, I will focus on the things that might not be as obvious, or that few of us make a priority, based on the advice that dentists give. 

Reduce grazing

Healthy meals are just as important for your teeth as they are for the rest of your body. Your teeth need to be used regularly in order to stay strong, just like rabbits need something to chew on so their teeth won´t grow long and weak. 


Be careful about grazing, however. According to dentists at Majorstuen tannlegesenter, the main Tannlege Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway, eating between regular meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the nighttime snack might strain your teeth. Just like you need rest between workouts, your teeth need a break between each meal. Grazing sugary foods will especially increase the strain and will make it more likely that you´ll have cavities. 

Drink water when you´re thirsty

Yes yes, you´ve heard it all before, from your parents, teachers, and your dentist. But does that mean you resort to water as your go-to option when you feel thirsty on a hot summer day? Of course not.


Most of us want something that not only satisfies our thirst but also our tongue when we´re thirsty. And tasty drinks often come in the form of juice, smoothies, sodas, and energy drinks, which are prone to containing a lot of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and acid that is not good for our teeth. 


So drink more water. Eventually, it just becomes a habit, like all the other things you do like brushing your teeth and putting on clothes before heading out the door. 

Don´t smoke or use scruff

All forms of tobacco may color the teeth, and they contain nicotine that actually worsens the blood flow of our gums. Scruff may also give lasting and negative effects on our gums, as it pulls it up, exposing the upper parts of our teeth. It not only looks a bit weird, but it´s also not good for our teeth. 


I understand that if you have been smoking or using scruff for many years, it might be hard to quit. You are free to keep doing it, but in that case, I would advise you to not use extra force when brushing your teeth where they are more colored, or where you put your scruff. Doing so will only serve to weaken your gums. 


How your dentist can help with sleep apnea?

Sleep is quite important for any individual since it provides them with the desired rest after a whole day’s work. That’s why it’s vital to get the required amount of sleep without any obstruction in it. Good, comfortable sleep will result in a more comfortable and confident behavior the following day which will also affect your work output.

There are large numbers of people from all around the world and also from Norwegian who are suffering from either snoring or sleep apnea. Both of them are having their own effects, but sleep apnea is a more severe condition as compared to snoring. This is mainly because in the case of sleep apnea it is blocking the air passage from the mouth which can even result in chocking during your sleeping.

How can dentists help me to fight sleep apnea?

It is evident that severe sleep apnea is not to be treated by a dentist, but there are few cases when this is caused due to dental issues. In that case, the dentist can help you to fight against such a situation to solve your concern.

There are dental devices available which one can wear in their mouth to improve the sleep apnea of an individual. The devices do this by pushing the jaw and the tongue forward, creating a better airway and improving airflow.

Dentist, Lars Husby, owner of Tannlege Trondheim is optimistic when it comes to treating people with mild to moderate sleep apnea with these devices, and have a good track record for doing so.

But he also states that one should immediately find out an alternative for Sleep Apnea as it can likely cause choking. As the flow of air is blocked, one can likely face breathing problems while they are sleeping. It is quite easy to identify this problem as the individual will have a small pause after every breath which is caused due to the blocking of the passage.

This mouth guard will be holding the jaw and tongue in its respective position. It will help in reducing their movement which will be helpful in ensuring that there is the least amount of noise produced due to sleep apnea. It will not allow the tongue to move on its own in the mouth and get back to the throat in order to block the free flow of air through the mouth.

Effect of the devices in your mouth

You will definitely feel uncomfortable with the device fitted in your mouth. Even many of the people have reported that there is more saliva production in their mouths while using the device. This kind of problem will only last until you are completely comfortable with the device in your mouth. With time these issues will turn out to be normal.

The prime thing which will, therefore, be required is getting accustomed to the device by using them regularly. If you don’t use it regularly, it will turn out to be challenging to make your mouth getting used to using the device on a regular basis and sleeping with those devices on.


Thus, we can say that we can use the device which is available for getting rid of the sleep apnea. This device will help you to remove the blockage which is faced by the flowing air from your body. It will help you to have a proper breathing pattern which is quite comfortable for you and also your body.

Tips to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety may seem like a made-up thing, but it is a condition that many people have, and you can take the word of dentists from around the world for it. It is also known as dental phobia, dental fear, etc. and basically means the fear of getting treated by a dentist due to the tools used by them. Avoiding dental treatments because of dental anxiety can worsen the existing problems or create new ones. Remember that taking precautionary measures is always more affordable than treating a long-existing problem.

People are usually afraid of dental experiences due to three major reason.

Sometimes the patients experience a painful first checkup or treatment that makes them believe that every treatment will give them a long-lasting pain. They may also fear the embarrassment of showing their damaged smile to the dentists.

Media also plays a role in seeding fear in the minds of children and adults alike. Many movies in the past have shown the negative portrayals of dental treatments such as root canal.

The parents can also scare their children about the consequences of poor oral care. Parents may think that scaring their kids about going to a dentist if they do not brush their teeth will help. But instead of making oral hygiene a bright topic, they make dentist appointments seem like a major problem for kids which they would hesitate to attend. Parents should instead discuss dental topics with a positive approach, explaining the benefits of going to a dentist.

If you face the same kind of dental anxiety or fear that makes you avoid dental appointments, here are the things you can do to overcome it.

Communicate with your dentist

The dentists are the most friendly and caring medical experts. You should be open to talking with your dentist about all your doubts and learn why is it a good decision to get your oral health checked. Talking with your dentist about your phobia will ease you up while you learn facts instead of scary myths.

Use CBD oil before treatment

Many dentists will not mind if you take a little THC before they can operate on your teeth. No research shows that CBD treatment works with dental care, but the fact that CBD can ease anxiety and help your body relax makes it a potent trick to be used for treatments. You must consult with your healthcare advisor before starting to use CBD.

Practice relaxation techniques

By now, you already know that dental care is not a dangerous process at all. The dentists who operate on teeth are trained orthodontists who will make sure that you get the most advanced treatment. When you know that you are in safe hands, all you have to do is make your body relax during the treatment. Find a distraction to divert away from your fear and use more relaxation techniques before your appointment.

Things to Look for in a Dentist

We recommended that you visit your dentist at least once every month to get a quick dental checkup and make sure that your smile is in the best condition. To do so, you need to find a dentist that you can rely upon for a long time. You cannot afford to switch between dentists over and over again, as one dentist with a track of your oral health can provide you with better solutions and advice than a new dentist who can only help you with limited first-time dental records. Looking for a dentist is not a difficult job, but you need to make sure of these things before you pick yours.

They should provide insurance claims

Take help from your colleagues or friends to make a list of the best dentists you can find around you. Make sure that the dentist you approach can submit claims to all insurance providers. While most of the dentists will provide the claims, you still need to confirm this information with them. You can discuss your insurance plan with your dentist to find out if he or she can get it approved, some insurance companies like Din Tannforsikring in Norway has a nationwide cooporation with the top dentists so you don’t have to find the best solution. You can also refer to your insurance provider to find a list of dentists who they approve immediately.

They should not be too far away

If you are looking for regular appointments, you must make sure that the clinic is somewhere near your residence, so you do not have to travel for hours to reach your dentist. Your dental appointments should fit into your schedule. The nearer your dentist is, the more flexible and convenient your schedule planning will be. If you can visit your dentist during lunchtime or while coming back home, you will automatically have better dental health.

Check for the complimentary benefits

Many dental clinics have introductory discount for new patients on checkups and cleaning. Some of the clinics may also have promotions for their current patients to show their appreciation for regular visits. These promotions can be referral incentives or monthly patient round-offs. Make some calls to the clinics and ask them for long term benefits of referring the dentist. They should be happy to explain their programs if they have any.

Know what the dentist can provide

When you are planning on which dentist to choose, you should first focus on your needs and the reason why you are planning to find a dentist for a long term connection. If you need a dentist who can offer regular checkups and refer you to an orthodontist for any complicated condition, you can find plenty of dentists around. However, if you are seeking help for a particular problem, you will need to find a specialist who has completed special training. You should also learn about equipment, tools and medicines they use at the clinic. The staff should be friendly and comforting enough to assure you that you are in the right hands.

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